My Mamas Cooking

                             Recipes by Tatica (Frances)

Welcome to Tatica's, located in the El Paso, TX.   Tatica serves up the finest Cuban, Mexican, Italian foods and more. At Tatica's, every dish is created using only the freshest, finest ingredients. She never uses frozen ingredients, and there is no microwave oven at Tatica's. She serves only the finest meats and seafood, freshest vegetables, and breads that are baked fresh daily. Her award winning menu and attention to detail create a truly enjoyable dining experience.

Tatica (Frances) was born in Havana Cuba and currently resides in El Paso, Texas.  She has traveled much of the world and in those travels she has developed quite a portfolio of recipes.  This includes but is not limited to authentic Cuban, Mexican, Italian and  Chinese food. Yes, I said Chinese food. If you find yourself in a situation where she is offering to cook for you, you need to take advantage of it.  I say this because even though she has this vast portfolio of recipes she only opens it up on Sundays or when her extremely handsome, smart and single son is in town.